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Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to have long beautiful nails, as I love nail polish and everything I can use to make them prettier. It did not happen as I have planed, my nails are constantly chipping, peeling and splitting.

Most people do not have the perfect fingernails that we see in magazine. In fact, many people have weak, easily torn fingernails caused by the daily rigors of life. As per example, moisture, chemicals, iron deficiency can damage and weaken your finger nails.

Being a healthy person and using gloves every time when having my hands immersed in water for a long period of time or using cleaning products makes me think that none of the above apply to my case, right?  Some people are simply born with weak fingernails, just like me.

I had tried a lot of what people say and do to make my finger nails to grow longer and healthier, noting have work, untill NOW…Have you  tried the Sally Hansen hard as nails? If not, check pictures below and give that a go!

2013-03-06 081

Note:Underlying medical problems or malnutrition can disrupt proper body function and cause the nails to become brittle and more likely to crack and split. If you have a condition please seek medical attention. Reference:HERE
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