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Hello there,
How is everybody doing ?
I follow a lot of bloggers and love to spend hours checking on them and reading about what online deals they have found, review on new products, what they are up to and all the fashion weeks all around the world and so on….
This week I was focused on finding a stylish bloggers that fits what I think my fashion style could be to inspire my self,  as I have  decide to improve the way I dress and get hide of these boring clothes I have hanging in my closet. 
Here is the FLOW (Favorite Looks Of the Week) .
↑ Top roll, left to right, we have:
Rach Parcell
Rach Parcell
Vanessa Vasconcelos (Vanessa is my new favorite, she is absolutely beautiful and super stylish.)
↓Bottom roll, left to right, we have:
Marion Green
Marion Green (Can you tell that I love her ?)
Fashion Vibe

look da semana

Hope it have inspired you too 🙂
Thanks !