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Hello loves,
How are you doing?
Since I’ve moved to the U.S a couple of years ago I try to do my best to go home every year. Every time I get home my mom have a box full of goodies she have collected trough the year to give me as a welcome gift, she buys me clothing, makeup, jewelry or whatever she thinks is cute and I’ll like it, mommy knows best, I always love everything.
She never have sent me anything over from Brazil, except for this time, I think she could not wait to see me wearing what she got me, so last week she sent me a box full of goodies, there was, 2 bracelets (picture below), 1 necklace, 6 pairs of earings, weeee.
Thanks so much Mãe.
– Love the smell of Armani perfume Acqua di Gioia(background picture), it will be my next purchase out of my wishing list.

2013-02-16 15.00.05

2013-02-16 15

Let me know what you think, do you like it ?
Thanks for reading.