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Hello friends,
How are you doing? Hope you are doing awesome!
The Florida State Fair is here !
(Devil crab,Corn dogs, chocolate covered bacon, candies … Adios diet).
It have become a tradition for the two of us by now. This is the third year we go take a walk at the Florida state fair, I love going over the fair, especially because they choose the perfect time of the year to do that, it was a perfect, sunny, February sunday morning, with perfect blue skies, 60°F, stop, I sound like the weather man now.
Can’t forget to mention all the good food we ate while walking and shopping around.          
Amaryllis from Jane’s backyard. (Jane B. – Eric’s Mom) … Jane have the most beautiful backyard and house, we had to go over her house before leaving to the fair to let her dogs out for a while, as she was busy at the farm taking care of her horse Cody. 2013-02-09 111
Beautiful day, isn’t?
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Miss Jenny’s soaps , is always my first option to stop and shop, love the soaps, my favorite scent this year was Lavender and Lemon and Eric chose patchouli as always. If you like the squeaky clean skin sensation, this is the soap for you.
I‘ll share a little secret, I cut 1/3 the soap of the soap in little squares and use it as drawer deodorizer, it smells so good every time I open it..mmm.
Thanks for reading.