Hot red date night.


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Hi friends,
Hope you all doing good!
Love date nights♥, and Eric always have the best ideas for them. I always wanted to go see an orchestra live, so he got us tickets to go see the Florida Orchestra at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts, presenting Broadway Now, it was a hit pared of songs from best-loved Broadway as The Phantom of the Opera and Jersey Boys.
After a few picture snaps Eric let me know it was extremely prohibited to take pictures on the inside of the theater, sorry people.
It was a very relaxing night,  I loved it, thanks to Mr.Good Ideas.
                                     I went red for the night, check it below:
1.bag:Brahmin / Top:BAR III / Necklace:Macy’s / Lips: MAC- Russian red.


2013-02-08 19.45.242013-02-08 190Hope you guys like it.

First post :)


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You know when some times you do or buy really cool things and you wish you had a way to share it with the whole world? I thought, why not a blog, huh !?

I am Mari, a Brazilian girl, twenty-something years old, currently living in the U.S with my boyfriend of three years ♥Eric, whom I love very much and therefore talk about a lot, and our beloved dog ♥Molly.

I love hot cups of coffee or tea in the morning or any time of the day actually, good wine and cheese, together they are my favorites, traveling, sleeping in late, going to the beach, reading a good book, chatting with friends, spending time with my boyfriend, shopping for bargains, helping others, being open and honest. My friends use to say I should be a comedian, they think I’m funny. I really love learning, and take the opportunity to educate myself on anything that sparks my interest and of course, I’m a google addict.

I‘m the kind of girl who gets lost in thought over the kinds of things others don’t seem to care about, and I find myself drawn to very unusual and ‘unique’ ideas, concepts and interests.

I do speak 3 languages (Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish), being that I still struggle a lot with my english as you possible can tell, if you see something terrible wrong with my english, I’ll take constructive critique on how to write english as a pro and I promise it won’t hurt my feelings if you are nice.

I started bonitiful as a place for fun, inspiration and make some friends. I chronicle a little bit of my personal life along with beauty tips, trends, recipes, decoration and some of my current favorite things.

My dream is to one day become someone who can inspire people, but my career goals are yet to be specified.

Hope you guys enjoy the posts and thanks for reading!

Mari Souza.